How to make it brosh

The tools and materials used in the manufacture ofthis brooch is a flannel flower, fabric, glue gun, beads. How to make it the first to prepare the materials that will be used. Then sew the beads. Glue some yg flower made of cloth and then was given a brooch intow. Here’s a video guide to… Read more “How to make it brosh”

Traders Meatball gravy

​SPEAKER BIOS 1. Full name: budianto 2. Place, date of birth: Surabaya, 10 February 1972 3. Education: HIGH SCHOOL 4. Jenisusaha: Meatball soup and traders sandals 5. Name of spouse: umami 6. The number of children: 1 7. Address: jl. Tanray 2 A LIST OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. Q: “when father founded venture?A: “business… Read more “Traders Meatball gravy”